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Our Services

Here at SEONative.net we believe in giving our customers value.  The owner, Marc, started working online in 2010 with affiliate marketing.  After doing well in affiliate marketing he had some friends ask him for help with their site.

After doing this for a while he shifted his focus from affiliate marketing to SEO.  More specifically Local SEO to help small business owners with their online presence.

All staff members of SEONative.net are required to be Google Certified.   This is to help ensure we continue our education and not just rely on experience.  As with any technology based work, Local SEO is constantly evolving.

We want to empower our customers to not only know what needs some work in their online presence but also how to fix it themselves.  Of course, we can handle it ourselves, but we like giving the customers the choice.

Local SEO

We specialize in Local SEO and SEO Projects.

Citation Building

Citations are one of the many things we do for you.

Secure Audits

We have both free audits and comprehensive audits to suit your needs.

Owner Marc